Pimp your TikTok account: buy likes, views, followers

You are the hero of this story, we will only help you on this journey


You are the hero of this story, we will only help you on this journey

How to make my account popular?

We advice you to move in this order:

Post more videos, than usual

The key to become popular in TikTok is volume. It’s really difficult to predict which video will reach the peack of popularity, so you have to post a lot. Sometimes, you’ll spend a lot of time trying to create an amazing video, and it get only 100-200 views when you publish it. Other times, you’ll post something that isn’t your favorite and you spend on it only 2 minutes, and it will take off. Nobody knows what people will like tomorrow.

Try out trending formats

On the discover page on TikTok, you can find the most popular and trending memes, dances, sounds, and formats that you can use. 

Impress as early as possible

TikTok is designed for viewers, and videos immediately catch people attention. The viewers usually wait about 2-4 seconds before they will decide to watch your video or swipe to the next one. Try to “hook” viewers, they will prefer to watch to the end, and TikTok is more likely to feature your video in front of more potential fans.

Edit videos outside of TikTok

Try to use video editing techniques that aren’t possible in the app. You can find a lot of video editors in AppStore or Play Market, some of them are free to use. Using them you will have got more instruments to create really interesting video.

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